Armilla guarantees the performance of your model, backed by world class insurers, so you can confidently deploy AI.


Armilla uses proprietary AI testing technology to guarantee the quality and reliability of your AI product against key metrics, such as performance, robustness and fairness. If the model underperforms or is unreliable in production, we will refund the product.

Purpose built for

You likely have 3rd party AI models running in hundreds of saas products within your organization. We work with your AI vendors so you can be sure they are delivering high quality solutions without exposing your enterprise to risk.
Value Proposition
Derisk 3rd party AI solutions
Protect your investment in AI
Reduce hurdles to deploying
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Risk is the #1 barrier to scaling AI according to a recent Deloitte survey of enterprise AI leaders. Armilla Guaranteed provides third party financial protection to your customers so they can confidently deploy your solution.
Value Proposition
Reduce sales cycles, drive adoption
Financial protection against poor performance
Create differentiated value through trust
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Revolutionizing Healthcare with over 95% Accuracy
BUDDI AI is Industry’s first patented production ready Gen-AI driven reimbursement automation platform for Healthcare combined with millions of reimbursement specific rules for Medicare/Medicaid & commercial payers, automating over 3.5+ million unstructured medical records per month for reimbursement transactions for over 300+ provider sites on a near real time basis.
Armilla guarantees BUDDI AI’s “Autonomous Medical Coding” can achieve 70%+ Volume at a combined 95%+ accuracy.

"Working with Armilla Assurance has been a defining moment in our journey because AI-driven automation in the healthcare industry is riddled with risks stemming from bad clinical data, data bias, and misinterpretation of clinical context and reimbursement guideline variances. We’ve been missing a shield to protect us from this inherent risk and give our customers comfort for those ‘what if’ scenarios. This warranty offering is what the AI industry has been waiting for and has helped us greatly in cutting the sales cycles with hospitals.”

Ram Swaminathan
CEO & Co-Founder at BUDDI AI