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Whether you’re building or buying, Armilla works with AI Vendors and Enterprises to independently verify the quality, performance and risk of AI/ML models across many industries and use cases. From HR Tech, Financial Services and Retail to Healthcare, ESG and Language Technology, Armilla AI can help your business unlock the benefits of safe, compliant and trustworthy AI.

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HR Technologies use case

HR Technologies

Use cases: Resume matching, Candidate Discovery, Skills Insights, Talent Marketplace, HR Chatbots, etc. 
Financial Services and Fintech use case

Financial Services and Fintech

Use Cases: Fraud, Portfolio Optimization, Marketing, Credit Risk Prediction, Underwriting, Payments, and more.
Insurance use case


Use Cases: Fraud, Marketing, Risk Scoring, Underwriting and more.
Healthcare use case


Use Cases: Clinical Data Analytics, Diagnostic Support, Document Processing and more.
Retail Use case


Use Cases: Digital Advertising/Marketing, Content Curation, Customer Service and Conversational AI, etc. 
ESG Use case


Use cases: Industrial Automation, Logistics, Emissions Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance, AI for Climate, Climate Tech
Language Technology and Generative AI use case

Language Technology and Generative AI

Use cases: Enterprise Search, Knowledge Assistants, Classification, Summarization, Anonymization and more.
Legal use case


Use cases: AI-enabled Document Automation, Contract Generation and Review, Legal Analytics, Due Diligence