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Third Party AI Risk 

Protect against third party AI risk through our automated model risk assessments and vendor due diligence.

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Ensure vendors meet enterprise AI policies and requirements

Leverage automation to verify the quality and robustness of third party AI solutions

Assess compliance against applicable AI regulations and industry standards

Evaluate AI risk specific to your business use case 

Vendor Due Diligence 
Third Party Risk Assessment
Risk Monitoring
Risk Mitigation
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De-risk third party AI procured by business teams
Scale adoption of safe, ethical and trustworthy AI solutions
Protect against legal, reputational and financial damages
Simplify procurement and improve onboarding of AI vendors  
Build trust in third party AI solutions

NYC’s Mandatory Bias Audits

NYC’s Mandatory Bias Audits

New York City Council’s Local Law 144 requires independent bias audits of all automated employment decision tools (AEDT) used on job candidates and employees before July 5, 2023.

From this day onward, companies prohibited from using AEDTs to hire candidates or promote employees, unless the tools have been independently audited for bias. These regulations are likely to affect hundreds of NYC-based employers and recruitment agencies, as well as HR software vendors that sell to the NYC market.

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Independent bias audit under the NYC Bias Audit legislation.

Ensure you’re compliant with the new NYC bias audit requirements with a fully independent and impartial audit from Armilla AI. Our automated auditing technology delivers comprehensive, efficient and scalable results.

Prepare a bias audit report

We conduct an independent bias audit, in line with the NYC bias audit law requirements, to examine whether your system is discriminating against any protected categories, such as gender, sex, ethnicity, or race.

Bias assessment per system, including, but not limited to:

Disparate impact on persons (e.g., candidates, employees)
Protected categories and sub-categories (e.g., gender, ethnicity, race)

Publish a summary of results

We compile your bias audit findings into a public-facing summary of results, including the prescribed selection rates and impact ratios of protected categories, to be shared on your company website, as required by the NYC regulations.