People & AI - AI, Risk Management, and ISO Standards with Marta Janczarski

On this episode of People & AI, host Karthik Ramakrishnan welcomes Marta Janczarski and Phil Dawson for an in-depth discussion on SO standards, regulatory compliance, and AI systems. Marta, an expert in AI governance, delves into the intricate world of ISO standards that she helped create like 9001 and 27001, and their adaptability for organizations of all sizes, alongside the newly introduced ISO 2005 for impact assessment. Phil queries the practicality of these standards in the face of evolving regulations, sparking a comprehensive conversation on how ISO certifications serve as a foundation for risk management and play a pivotal role in the burgeoning relationship between AI standards and the insurance industry. The trio also explores the development of industry-specific handbooks and the necessity for standards to evolve with AI technology, reinforcing the importance of a common language across stakeholders in AI governance and risk mitigation.
March 15, 2024
5 min read

In this episode, Marta shines a light on the intersection of ISO standards and their profound implications in the realm of AI systems, their regulation, and the pressing concerns surrounding cybersecurity. We unravel the complex fabric of standards like the enduring ISO 9001 for quality, the recently published ISO 2005 for impact assessment, and the newly published ISO/IEC 42001, which will be a game-changer for impact assessment in AI.

Together, we navigate the adaptability of these standards to meet the evolving needs of enterprises and vendors of all sizes, discussing how they serve as benchmarks for regulatory compliance and procurement processes. Marta offers a rich perspective on AI systems' engagement and underscores the importance of there being no minimum size for certification on the part of businesses seeking to integrate artificial intelligence into their operations.

Phil brings to the fore critical questions about the relevancy of standards in the current landscape, while Marta provides a strategic outlook on helping SMEs understand and implement these complex standards. We delve into the nexus of AI standards, risk management, assurance, and insurance, contemplating the future of AI safety and standard development.

As the conversation unfolds, we explore the symbiotic relationships among standards, industry-specific handbooks, national bodies, and international compliance. We gain insight into how these meticulous documents are crafted to stand the test of time, allowing businesses to adapt to the relentless tide of AI innovation.

From discussing the residual risks in cybersecurity to the emerging insurance industry tailored to AI, this episode promises to unpack the multilayered relationships between AI standards and practice. Stay tuned as we dissect the critical role of standards in crafting a common language across stakeholders and how ISO 42,001 aligns with machine learning, performance, fairness, and robustness.

So, buckle up as we explore these thought-provoking discussions with Marta Janczarski and Phil Dawson, poised to illuminate the complex but essential world of AI, standards, and the ever-changing regulatory and risk management landscape. Let's get started!

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